Plumbing Guide to Faucet Leaks

Charlotte plumbing You turn on your faucet everyday, and most of the time it does its job by supplying you water. Eventually, however, your faucet will start to leak. If it goes without getting fixed, the leak could turn into a plumbing nightmare.

As a leading Charlotte plumbing company, Charlotte Mechanical sees these types of problems all the time. Whether it’s the cause of water pooling under your sink or just the producer of an annoying dripping sound, a leaky faucet is a nuisance. Fortunately, fixing the leak can be simple, inexpensive and quick.

Plumbing Tips: Fixing Leaking Faucets

We’re sharing the following tips to help homeowners fix small faucet leaks in their plumbing system. For bigger and more serious leaks, you should call the professionals at Charlotte Mechanical. No leak is too small or too big for our plumbing experts!

  1. Consider Replacement – The mechanics of a faucet will eventually wear, which is the number one cause of leaks. If your faucet is older, you may want to consider replacing the entire thing, especially if you can’t remove the handle(s).
  2. Turn Off Your Water – Before you do anything, turn off the water at the valve below the sink. If there isn’t a valve under your sink, turn off the water at the main water supply. Make sure your water supply is cut off by turning on the faucet until all water has left the faucet. 
  3. Remove Faucet and Stem – Remove the decorative parts on the handle knobs using a flat-head screwdriver. Once you’ve done this, there should be a screw exposed. Unscrew, then gently remove the handle with your flat-head. Use your wrench to loosen the packing nut. You should now notice the stem. Remove it.
  4. Examine – Examine the removed parts for any damage. Erosion and rust are common issues you may notice. If everything is intact, inspect the O-ring and washer inside the valve seat.
  5. Replacing the Washers and O-rings – If the washer and/or O-rings need to be replaced, make sure they are an exact fit. You can find replacements at any hardware store.

Charlotte plumbing experts

Once you’ve replaced the worn or corroded parts, put your faucet back together the same way you took it apart. Test your faucet after you’ve turned back on the water. If the leak is still present, you may want to get a new faucet or seek the assistance of a professional.

To request the assistance of one of our friendly Charlotte plumbing experts, please call us at 704-771-1020. We can help you with general plumbing issues, like leaky faucets, to more extensive plumbing installations or repairs. Call today for a free estimate!

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