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No one wants to think about getting their heating system checked out when the kids are still playing in the pool, but old man winter is just around the corner.  Call us today to get a jump start on your fall check-up and make sure your heating system is working properly when it’s time to turn up the heat.

Heating Check-up

A heating check-up is much like an oil change on your car, it needs to be done regularly and can catch potentially harmful issues before they occur.  Listed below are a few of the things we look at during our check-up:

  • Inspect the thermostat
  • Inspect and change filters (home owner provided)
  • Check all motors and electrical components
  • Check the gas pressure/air mixture
    • Too much or not enough can lead to shortened furnace life or potential danger
  • Check the air flow and cleanliness of the evaporator coil
    • Ensures the correct temperature output
  • Inspect the heat exchanger and venting thoroughly to ensure no cracks or leaks
    • A cracked heat exchanger or leaking vent pipe can be very dangerous as it releases Carbon Monoxide into the vents and throughout your home
  •  Refrigerant charge check (heat pumps only)
    • Check temperature and pressures of the system for leaks

Before having our factory trained technician out, it’s good practice to do a few things to ensure safe and happy heating:

  • Make sure nothing has been mistakenly moved up against the furnace, as this could create a potential fire hazard (boxes, holiday decorations, clothes, etc).
  • Regularly change your filters
    • Dirty filters can put unwanted stress on a heating and air conditioning system, costing you more money with longer run times and premature part/motor failures.
  • Make sure all doors and covers are in place before starting the furnace.  If doors are not in place, it could lead to a potential fire as there are open flames in the unit. A simple suitcase or box falling over into the unit could create a disaster if the doors/covers are not in place.

What’s that smell?!?!

If you choose to start your heating system before we make our visit, you may find that your heating system is giving off a burning smell. This is normal.  Since the unit sat idle over the summer, the heat exchanger or heat strips typically collect dust which causes the smell. We recommend opening your windows prior to starting the unit to allow the smell to dissipate quickly.

Call and schedule your heating system check-up today. Dont forget we also do plumbing in Charlotte, schedule both comfort calls and received $10 off.

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Ron McCann
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“Jeff Crane and his crew with Charlotte Mechanical recently replaced our old heat pump with a new Amana system.  Everyone on this project was extremely professional and the quality of their installation was most excellent.  Even the county inspector made a comment on the “very nice job” that Jeff and his crew had performed.  I highly recommend Charlotte Mechanical.”