The 10 Most Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services from Charlotte MechanicalLet’s face it, unless you are one of Charlotte Mechanical’s expert technicians, your ears don’t exactly perk up when you hear a conversation about air conditioning. As far as most homeowners are concerned, the only thing they are interested in is having cool air in the comfort of their homes.

Believe or not, air conditioning can actually be pretty interesting. To prove it, here are 10 fun facts about air conditioning that will prove to be pretty stimulating.

  1. The first air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Not for the comfort we enjoy today, but to control the humidity in a New York publishing house. It helped ink dry faster, reduced smudge and kept the paper from expanding and contracting.
  2. Don’t you love summertime blockbusters? You can thank air conditioning for that! Moviemakers released their bigger pictures in the summer because people sought cool, air conditioned buildings to escape the heat.
  3. Advances in medicine also owe some thanks to air conditioning. Without having a cool, controlled environment, certain medicines and medical procedures would never have been possible. Even certain illnesses could have never been cured.
  4. Supply and demand. You demand it, companies supply it, but it wouldn’t be possible without air conditioning. Productivity would decrease, and many foods and products wouldn’t be able to be shipped or delivered.
  5. Air conditioning provides allergy relief in the springtime. Due to their filters, they are able to provide clean air to allergy sufferers and asthmatics alike.
  6. Before centralized air conditioning, industries and the government took 2-3 month summer vacations to avoid hot, unbearable buildings. Think things are slow in D.C. now? Imagine if they took extended vacations!
  7. Vegas wouldn’t be VEGAS if it weren’t for AC. In fact, hotter states like Texas, Florida and Nevada can thank air conditioning for their population booms.
  8. There is scientific evidence that proves that humans are conditioned to want more air-conditioning. Because we spend so much time in cool environments, our tolerance to heat has decreased.
  9. According to NPR, the Department of Defense spent $20 billion per year on air conditioning in Iraq, which is more than the total yearly budget for NASA.
  10. Each year, the amount of energy the U.S. uses to power our air conditioners is almost the same amount of energy that is consumed in all of Africa.

From its humble beginnings to being one of our biggest pleasures, it’s safe to say that we love our air conditioners!

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