10 Tasks To Get Your Home Winter Ready in Charlotte

Charlotte Mechanical gives you 10 tasks to make sure your Charlotte home is ready for the winter.

We know it’s still fall, y’all! You’re enjoying the leaves changing color and everything pumpkin spice.

But it’s not too early to start thinking about getting your home ready for the chilly winter months. Before you know it, the temperatures will plunge to freezing levels and you don’t want to be cleaning out your chimney in the cold weather. You want to be inside, under a blanket and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate.

We put together a list of tasks that you can do now so your house is winter ready.

Task #1: Get Your Heating System Inspected Before Winter

This is the most important step that you can take before the colder temperatures arrive in the Charlotte area. The best time to get an inspection done is during the fall because our heating experts get extra busy during the winter months. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a freezing house!

Let Charlotte Mechanical's expert technicians check and maintain your heating system so you're not shivering in your home during the Charlotte winter.

We have a $79 heating preseason inspection special lasts through November 23, 2018. Our expert technicians will inspect several important pieces of your heating system, including checking your system controls, changing your air filters and inspecting the flue piping, to make sure your heating system is strong enough to take on the cold Charlotte winter days and nights. Book your appointment now before the offer runs out.

Task #2: Flush and Insulate Your Hot Water Tank

Who wants to take a nice cold shower during the winter? Ummm… no thanks!

This is where you can kill two birds with one stone! Not only can our technicians check your heating system, but they can inspect your water heater. We diagnose and fix problems on all makes and models of water heaters.

Also, dirt, sediment and minerals settle at the bottom of tanks, which decrease your water heater’s efficiency and makes it work harder. Our crew will drain your water heater to ensure it has a long life of giving you nice, hot showers. Click here to book an appointment with us to have your hot water heater checked out.

Task #3: Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters are full of leaves and other debris, then water will clog up in your gutter. This can cause ice dams and could lead to even more damage to your home.

You may want to wait until all the leaves have fallen around your home to do this chore so you’re not constantly going up and down the ladder in order to unclog the gutters.

Task #4: Trim Trees Around Your Home

We don’t get a lot of snow, but heavy ice on trees can be a problem in Charlotte.

Charlotte Mechanical suggests that you trim dead or low-hanging branches around your home so they don't cause damage to your home during snow and ice storms in Charlotte.

You will want to inspect trees around your house for any dead or low hanging limbs that could snap under the weight of the ice and cause damage. If you only have a couple of bad branches, then you can trim them yourself, but if you need large limbs removed it’s best to call a professional.

Task #5: Protect Pipes From Freezing

One of the biggest fears during the winter is having your pipes burst since water expands when it freezes. But there are several preventative measures you can take to avoid a disaster.

  • Add insulation in attics, basements and crawl spaces where these pipes can reside. This will help keep those areas warmer and prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Drain hoses that are outdoors and store them inside. Also, keep outside hose valves open so that any remaining water can drain out.
  • If you have a swimming pool or water sprinkler system, drain all the water from them.

Task #6: Check Your Fireplace and Chimney

A roaring fire in your fireplace is a winter staple, but it’s vital to get it inspected.

Having your chimney cleaned by a professional will get rid of creosote and soot buildup. If this is neglected, it could lead to chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or cause your chimney to deteriorate.

Task #7: Check Your Roof

This can be done while you’re cleaning your gutters. Just do a scan for any damaged, loose or missing shingles. This will ensure that you won’t have any leaks after a rare snow or ice storm in Charlotte.

Charlotte Mechanical suggests that you check your roof for any damaged or missing shingles so you don't have leaks in your roof.

If you see a significant amount of damage done to the shingles, we recommend that you hire a roofer to replace them before it’s too late.

Task #8: Inspect Doors and Windows For Air Leaks

Doing this will help you save money in the long run, and with the holidays around the corner, we’re sure everyone can save a buck or two!

Check around your doors and windows and feel if any cool air is getting into your home. You can add insulation, caulking or weather strips to help stop that air. Stopping the cold air will mean that you won’t have to bump up the temperature on your thermostat.

Task #9: Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Some ceiling fans have a reverse switch that allows you to run them in a clockwise direction. Running fans clockwise will help push hot air down into your living area. This is especially useful for rooms that have high ceilings and are harder to keep warm.

Image courtesy of How Stuff Works. You can reverse your ceiling fan in order to push hot air down into your living area.(Image courtesy of How Stuff Works)

Task #10: Stock Up on Winter Storm Supplies

We know it sounds a little silly now to think about a winter storm, but you will thank us when everyone is rushing around to stock up on essentials and stores are sold out of everything.

Head to the store and buy batteries, flashlights, bottled water and candles in case a winter storm knocks out power to your home. It’s always good to have these items in your home no matter what because you never know when a bad storm will hit Charlotte.

Once again, the most important task that you can get done right now is to have your heating system checked and ready for winter. Take advantage of our $79 preseason heating inspection special. Our heating experts will thoroughly inspect your unit and give the best recommendations to ensure that you and your family stay nice and cozy all winter long.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nights, weekends and holidays won’t cost you extra either. You can book an appointment here or give us a call at 704-771-1020 to get our inspection deal before it’s gone!

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