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By my signature below, I authorize Charlotte Mechanical, LLC or Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc. to obtain information – written, oral, or other – from a consumer reporting agency bearing on my creditworthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, criminal background, and driving background. I understand that this investigation may include interviews with friends, acquaintances, or others who may have relevant information and that this report will be used for employment purposes, including evaluating me for employment, promotion, reassignment, or retention as an employee of Charlotte Mechanical, LLC. I understand that I have a right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of the report, including the name, address, and phone number of the consumer-reporting agency, if the report involves personal interviews with sources such as my friends, acquaintances, or others who may have relevant information. Finally, notwithstanding anything else in this document, I understand Charlotte Mechanical, LLC reserves the ability to avail itself of any rights set forth in any applicable federal, state, or local law, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as amended by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (the “FACT Act”).

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