3 Tips for Avoiding a Scary Heating Bill

October 20, 2020

This time of October is normally filled with fun Halloween fright.


But there is a very scary fright that could really leave you screaming if you’re not careful – the dreaded high heating bill.


That’s because we know that the recent colder temperatures have put your heating systems to work for the fall season. But that doesn’t mean you have to dump your entire wallet into your heating bill. We have three tips for helping to lessen that bill.


Our tip descriptions have taken an eerie, spooky, spell-binding twist for your enjoyment, but know that the information contained within is sound advice, straight from our heating professionals.


Tip #1: Check for Ghouls & Goblins

Get a heating safety inspection performed. You would be surprised how a malfunctioning HVAC unit causes havoc on your energy bill.


Dirt and neglect (this time of year we call those your ghouls & goblins!) are the top causes of heating system inefficiency and failure. Having your HVAC system inspected will help keep your energy bills down and avoid pricey repairs. The best time to perform a routine maintenance check on your heater is in the fall. We are offering our heating preseason special through Nov. 20 for only $89.


Tip #2: Don’t Stir the Cauldron Too Much

Do not overuse the temperature setback feature. If you have a heat pump, doing so causes your electric heat portion to run more, which will increase your energy bill. It’s more efficient to set it and forget it.


If your energy supplier tells you to “Set back the temperature to save money,” remember they sell energy! We are in the business of trying to save people energy, and therefore, money.


Tip #3: Cast a Fresh Air Spell

When you turn on the clothes dryer, exhaust bath fans, or kitchen hood vents do you ever wonder where the air goes or where it came from? These devices are removing air from the house and ejecting it outside. The air replacing it is coming from leaks from windows, doors, electrical outlets/switches and loose-fitting HVAC vents. This infiltrating air is not clean or efficient, so you don’t want to bring it into the house. Did you know that indoor air can be 3x more contaminated than outdoor air?!


So, we recommend you have a fresh air intake installed; it causes positive air pressure in the house, which makes doors and windows seal tighterand brings in fresh filtered and treated air. You can contact us for a quote.


While you’re at it, we suggest you add a Blue Tube UV lamp ($350installed), Air Scrubber by Aerus ($750 installed), or a Bi-Polar or GPS ionizer ($850 installed) to enhance your indoor air quality (IAQ). We don’t mind showing our prices for these items because we offer these items installed just over our cost so people can actually afford to have clean air! These IAQ products remove the bad stuff from the air that can’t be caught by a filter.  


Now that your heating-bill goosebumps have (hopefully) gone away, we “witch” you a warm, fun fall season.