Fall Decorating with Front Door Wreaths in Charlotte



I am obsessed with fall and even more so with creating my own wreaths. Wreaths are definitely a southern tradition and are a perfect way to get in the fall spirit.

Let’s talk about three different styles of wreaths that will look perfect on your front door this fall. You can make these wreaths in under an hour and each one costs only $30 or less. Whether you are looking for a simple design or one that will make an impressive statement, we’ve got the wreath for you.

Neutral Fall Wreath (#5)

First, let’s chat about the simple neutral wreath. This beautiful wreath is made out of cloth and is effortlessly elegant. It’s easy to make and its simplistic design allows it to be used all season long. Plus, its neutral color allows it to perfectly match any home decor.

Burlap and Pinecones Wreath (#4)

If you’re looking for more of a festive wreath, I’ve got the perfect one for you. The Burlap and Pinecones wreath is shabby chic and adds a rustic charm to your front door. With this wreath, you can bring a dose of country to the suburbs this fall.

Corn Husk Wreath (#2)

I saved the best wreath for last. It’s also the wreath that will take the longest to make. The corn husk wreath is my personal favorite because it is unique and has so much character. A wreath made out of corn husks and corn cobs…how could you not get in the fall spirit?

So, now that you’re inspired and in a festive mood, it’s time to get crafty! Follow the link below for instructions on how to make these beautiful wreaths and find out the materials you’ll need.

Country Living Link and Instructions

Share images of your front door wreath with me! Send your pictures to brooke@charlottemechanical.com.