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How to Finance Your New Energy Efficient HVAC

So, you’re ready to increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system as well as decrease your monthly utility expenses. In other words, you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC. 

Here’s the truth – both your well-being and wallet deserve a more energy efficient HVAC.

But what are your options for financing this new system?

We understand everyone’s situation is different. Which is why we’re here to best assist you and ensure your home is the most comfortable it can be.

We recommend a couple of different ways to finance your new energy efficient HVAC all of which are easy to get started with. 

If you’d like to go the financing route, one option is the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card, which you can apply for through our website. (Click on the “Financing” button in the footer of any page on our website. It will take you to this general information page regarding the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card.)

We also offer three different options through EnerBank USA. EnerBank is a highly specialized, home improvement lender insured by the FDIC. They’re a reliable and professional partner in the process. 

The first option is an interest-free loan for the first 12 months – if you pay it off in one year, you pay zero interest. The other two options are at a fixed interest rate. 

As homeowners ourselves, we appreciate that these options are quick and easy to apply for. That means you can get started on your home improvement just as quickly and easily. 

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. You can call us anytime, 24/7, to discuss options and apply at 704-771-1020. We’d also be happy to send a comfort specialist for a consultation to answer all your financing questions.

What’s Hot in Energy News

One of Charlotte's most trusted HVAC companies, Charlotte Mechanical, offers tips and tricks on how to save money and energy during the hot Charlotte summer.

Energy never gets old, but even so, we have some news to bring your way.

Recently, the US Department of Energy implemented a big change to HVAC. With the goal to reduce consumption in furnace fans, new FER Standards (Fan Efficiency Rating Standards) have gone into effect, requiring indoor fan motors to be ECMs (electronically commutated motors). ECMs use electronic controls to change their speed and are therefore more efficient.  As of July 3, 2019, manufacturers must comply with these standards.

This is a win across the board: for your pocket, comfort and the environment. 2019 has proven to be the year of exchanging our advantageous relationship with the earth for a new, more environmentally conscious one. The new FER Standards comply with this in a monumental way—the upcoming transition is expected to reduce our carbon footprint by 34 million metric tons! 

Additionally, higher efficiency fan motors will not only save you money on your heating and cooling bills, but they will also boost the efficiency of your home’s AC unit. Not to mention, these motors run a bit quieter and move more air than less efficient motors. You can watch the summer rain blow through your backyard without feeling all the dreadful humidity it brings along with it!

If you live by the sturdy Southern assurance of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” this news still applies to you. There is no requirement for consumers to upgrade – parts for older style motors will still be sold along with the new and improved ECMs.

If you are in the market to buy the new, more efficient fan motor, there may be an increase in the upfront cost of the equipment when compared to older models. However, we think you’ll find that this is a small price to pay for the comfort this motor will bring. (Pun fully intended).

The future is not only more efficient, but quieter and more economical, too. This energy news may be hot, but with these new fan motors, you don’t have to be. Lucky for all of us, the future is now.

Here are some favorite fast facts about energy to keep in mind this summer: 

  • Want a quick and easy way to determine how energy efficient your home is compared to others? The Home Energy Rating System (or HERS) index describes it all for you. Request a copy of one for any house you are looking to make your home.
  • Using a microwave, toaster, or counter-top grill rather than an oven cuts down energy use and excess heat that can increase room temperature.
  • Placing lamps or TVs near your thermostat can cause the air to run longer than necessary due to the sense of heat around the appliances. Place the two far apart to save energy!

Please reach out to us if we can be of any service to you and your family in these summer months. Heading on vacation next month? Don’t forget to catch up on our three tips to prepare your home for your departure.

3 Things to Do to Prep Your Home Before Vacation

One of Charlotte's most trusted HVAC companies, Charlotte Mechanical, says keeping your home clean will help improve the air quality in your house.

Your tickets are booked, your bags are packed, your travel playlist is meticulously curated, and you’re more than ready to relax. 

However, you know that unshakable feeling that you’ve forgotten something just as you’re pulling onto the highway for your long-anticipated getaway? It’s probably because you are—you just don’t know it yet. 

Your home may not need a constant reapplication of SPF 50, but it does need a different kind of TLC all its own. Before you head out on vacation, we recommend you do these three things to take care of your home before you go.

Adjust your thermostat, but only by a few degrees. 

Three degrees higher or lower than normal will do the trick just fine. For instance, if you’re getting out of dodge in the winter and normally keep your house at 70°F, setting it to 67°F is a fine choice. Conversely, if it’s summertime and you’re leaving, and normally keep the house at 70°F, 73°F is the way to go. New WiFi thermostats can monitor your heating and cooling while you’re away and communicate with you from afar. We install these for as low as $250, but in the end you’ll find they pay for themselves.

Make sure everything is closed or off – and yes, we mean everything. 

All lights, all TVs, all water, all windows — you name it. One lamp on or one window open a little can cost you a lot more than you might think. So, take a couple of minutes to flip all the switches off and close everything you can, then double check the house to make sure you didn’t miss something the first time ‘round. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

Clean the fridge of all your perishable goods and empty all your garbage cans. 

You might need to whip the reading glasses out for all those tiny expiration dates, but the carton of milk that is fading fast will whisper a quiet “thank you” as it’s being poured down the kitchen sink. You’ll make coming home extra clean and easy, and you won’t have an unpleasant odor wafting a “welcome home” when you return.

We’re often so busy making sure we have everything we need to enjoy ourselves during our time away that we forget to check on everything that will be waiting for us when we get back. Have a fun, safe and memorable trip, but do these three things first to make sure the return to routine is as smooth as can be. 

Nobody wants to help you beat the heat or stay cozy in the cold more than Charlotte Mechanical.

Three Questions for Nick, Service Technician for Charlotte Mechanical. 

Q: How long have you been with Charlotte Mechanical?

N: I’ve worked for Charlotte Mechanical since November 2014.

Q:  What’s your favorite problem to solve for a customer?

N:  A complicated one. There’s no greater feeling than helping a customer solve a complicated problem – it’s actually a pretty fun process, too.

Q: What do you think is the Charlotte Mechanical difference?

N: We’re personable, and we’re all different in the best way possible. There are some companies out there that use scripts, but we each address customers and problems in our own way that’s real and genuine.

Q: What do you enjoy about working for Charlotte Mechanical?

N: I love the family feel that’s both relaxed and professional; and we spend time together outside of work, too; we have access to a lot of good, fun opportunities to be together.

5 Reasons You Need a Maintenance Plan

Chances are you’ve already switched on your air conditioner this spring; and, chances are, you did so with mild apprehension. We hear it all the time, the nervousness of switching over to A/C after months of not using it. We’ve written before that there is no magic needing to be done before you can turn on your A/C, nevertheless, many people are nervous. 

At Charlotte Mechanical we have a simple answer to these seasonal worries: the Simplified Service Plan or SSP. The SSP is a preventative air conditioning maintenance program which provides you with a very detailed report of the current condition of your HVAC equipment. 

As you know, these systems contain many small, reasonably priced parts that control larger and vastly more expensive parts. A preventative maintenance plan can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by identifying problems early, preventing breakdown, and minimizing inconveniences. 

If you’re still unsure about the value of a maintenance plan, consider these five reasons. 

Peace of mind. When those Charlotte temps start to creep up this summer, rest easy knowing your system has been serviced and checked by a Charlotte Mechanical HVAC professional. 

Forewarning. With the SSP, homeowners are given a forewarning of possible issues that may exist with your equipment. Though it may be functioning fine at the moment, knowing a repair is needed within the next year can help a lot with budgeting. 

Responsibility. If conducted regularly, these maintenance checks can identify small failings in your system which are often inexpensive to mend. If left unchecked, small failings can lead to system malfunctions and compensations which often lead to much more extensive and expensive repairs. 

Air quality. Not all maintenance plans are created equally. Unlike most companies, at Charlotte Mechanical we clean both the evaporator (indoor) coil and the condenser (outdoor) coil. While others may not find it important, we know that the dust and allergens which make the air filter dirty also make the blower motor/wheel and evaporator coil dirty. Not cleaning these elements can sacrifice the air quality in your home. 

Efficiency. A clean system means efficiency. Dirt on the coils, wheels and in your filter causes the efficiency of your system to drop. While this may be negligible on a month to month basis, over the course of a few years it wreaks havoc on your energy bill. 

We strongly believe that our SSP will pay for itself in the reduction of repairs and add longevity to your HVAC system. Additionally, we pride ourselves in offering customized solutions for each and every customer we have. If you are interested in learning more about the extensive services included in the maintenance plan or to make an appointment to get started, visit the Simplified Service Plan page of our website.

Like Father, Like Son: Jerman Aguirre And His Son Talk Charlotte Mechanical and What It’s Like to Work Together

Jerman Aguirre has been with Charlotte Mechanical since 2005 – in fact, he was the first employee in the field with the company. Today, he works as General Field Supervisor.

In this special Q&A for Father’s Day, we celebrate Jerman’s experience with and passion for Charlotte Mechanical. Because it’s that experience and passion that inspired his oldest child, German, to join the Charlotte Mechanical family, too.  

Charlotte Mechanical (CM): You’ve been with Charlotte Mechanical for 15 years this month. How has Charlotte Mechanical grown in your eyes?

Jerman Aguirre (JA): I think the main reason why this company has grown so fast is because of the people – it’s this team that makes the difference.

CM: What do you love about coming to work here every day?

JA: First – I love what I do. I come here every day ready to make it the best. A lot of that has to do with the people I see here. At Charlotte Mechanical, you’re part of the family which is another reason why I love coming to work.

CM: So, German, for those who don’t know, how long have you been with Charlotte Mechanical?

German Aguirre (GA): I started here right around five years ago. As soon as I graduated from high school, I started working.

CM: What was interesting and appealing for you about Charlotte Mechanical?

GA: Part of it was being with my dad obviously; I would just naturally pick up knowledge from him before I started working here.  He would teach me things, and I would help him out. I would pick things up from him, and that’s how I started to get good at it.

CM: What do you love about Charlotte Mechanical?

GA: They’re good people. They take care of you. If I have questions, if I have doubts, I can always look up to them – including my dad – and they’re more than welcome to help me out.

CM: So, what’s great about working with your dad?

GA: The great part is, well, just being with him and learning things from him. He teaches me in a way that I understand well.

JA: I told [my son] early on: “Whatever you learn is going to be for you, and I’m here to teach you what I know.” So, it was his call if he wants to learn or not. And he wants to know what I know.

CM: So, as his father, what’s your hope for German in the future?

JA: Well, my hope for him in the future is that he goes to school and graduates; or he continues to get involved here in this industry and learns how to manage people. I’d like to see him in that position one day with his degree.

Happy Father’s Day!

10 Tasks To Get Your Home Summer Ready

Changing HVAC Air Filter

Summer is coming and maybe, like us, you’re already looking forward to the long summer days and warmer temps. And maybe, like us, your anticipating all those “must do’s” to get your home ready for the season’s demands.

With the change in seasons come different demands on your home and its functionality. We’ve compiled a list of tasks to help you get your home ahead of the needs of those needs. Our advice — get a jump on it and start ticking these things off now. Spring is a great time to prep your home and get ahead of a summer schedule. Let’s be honest, time by the pool and picnics with friends are definitely demanding engagements.

1. Get your AC ready. You’ve heard us say before, there is no need to have a technician on hand to turn on your AC for the first time this summer. However, there is tremendous value in conducting routine maintenance and having your system checked.  

2. Change your air filter. Confessions of an HVAC technician, we commonly see very dirty air filters. Changing your air filter regularly can make a huge difference in the quality of the air in your home and running through your HVAC system. Our advice, set a recurring calendar reminder on your phone to purchase and change your air filter.

3. Flip the switch on your ceiling fans. Ever wonder what that tiny switch is for on your ceiling fan? It changes the direction of the rotation of the blades. If your fans are rotating counterclockwise, they push the air down and help keep your home cool. Oh, and while you’re up there, clean the dust off of the blades with a dryer sheet attached to a paint roller.

4. Test smoke detectors. Regularly checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors is a life-saving seasonal maintenance tip. Test all of the detectors in your home and change out any batteries as needed. This task takes only a few minutes and can save lives.

5. Wash your windows and screens. Take time this spring to deep clean your windows (inside and out) and screens. Grime, dust, and allergens are easily trapped there and can enter your home when you open the windows. Thoroughly cleaning with soap and water is the best way to ensure you aren’t welcoming those pests into your home with the occasional cool breezes of summer.

6. Check the caulking around your windows and doors. Following a cold winter like this one, it is important to check the integrity of your home’s caulking. Old, cracked or insufficient caulking around windows and doors can leak air-conditioned air and force your system to work harder. Side note, this is often how bugs and other pests initially enter your home. We suggest adding fresh caulking to your windows and doors regularly.

7. Prep your landscaping. Spring growth of your landscaping may need to be tamed. Doing it before the hot days of summer is one of our favorite tips. Trim back any trees or bushes and clear out underbrush. Just like we seek shade on hot days, so do all of the outdoor creatures in your neighborhood. Keeping your yard free of overgrowth can minimize invasion of unwanted creatures; not to mention, a fresh layer of mulch can add crazy curb appeal.

8. Clean gutters and downspouts. Time to dust off your ladder and inspect your gutters and downspouts. Winter can be harsh on the exterior of your home and a few hours spent cleaning out your gutters can go a long way in keeping water away from your foundation. While you’re up there, check for leaks and any damage to your roof which can cause major problems for your home.

9. Check outdoor plumbing. With a tough winter behind us, there is a possibility for damages to your outdoor plumbing; take time now to investigate, particularly if you have an outdoor irrigation system or sprinkler. One tell-tale sign that something is wrong is if your water pressure is low; give us a call if your water is a slow trickle. We’ll send someone out and get things running properly.

10. Prep your entertaining space. One of our favorite things about summer is the jovial nature of it all, and we love entertaining. If you have an outdoor space for grilling and gathering, we suggest doing a thorough cleaning now. Inspect the area and all playground equipment for wear and tear and give everything, including any outdoor furniture, a good cleaning. If you have a powerwasher, this is a great time to use it.

We love all this season brings: longer days, shorter nights, revelry and celebration, outdoor cooking and entertaining. Summer is nearly here and we hope these tips can help you get your home ready. As always, if we can help with any of your HVAC or plumbing needs, we stand ready to assist. Call our team at 704-771-1020 to schedule an appointment.

What You Can Always Expect from Charlotte Mechanical: Exceptional Service

What You Can Always Expect from Charlotte Mechanical: Exceptional Service

We get it. Putting your trust in an HVAC and plumbing company can be tough. We hear stories from customers all the time about poorly trained technicians, dishonest dealings and just all-around negative experiences with other companies.

Well, we’re here to tell you that not all companies are created equally. In fact, there’s a lot about Charlotte Mechanical that inspires trust and solidifies generations-long relationships with customers in and around the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. If you’re wondering what makes us special, we’d like to share one of our Charlotte Mechanical core values with you: exceptional service.

We hire the best.

We hire candidates with the necessary experience to do the job right. Our rigorous interview process includes a full background check, drug test, and driving record test. This battery of tests is conducted randomly for our entire staff approximately four times each year. Once sure of the caliber of our new technicians, they participate in several weeks of ride-along training with other seasoned technicians. Through this tried and true method, you can be assured that every technician who comes to your house is fully trained, capable and worthy to wear the Charlotte Mechanical name.

We stay current.

Charlotte Mechanical technicians participate in weekly meetings to discuss best techniques for the field, but also to communicate the needs and experiences direct from customers just like you. We believe our technicians are the face of our company and often the only people from our business whom you will ever meet. We value your experience when you use Charlotte Mechanical. We make sure our technicians have all of the tools necessary to fix all of your HVAC and plumbing problems while delivering the highest quality customer satisfaction.

We are safe.

Each month Charlotte Mechanical technicians participate in safety meetings. We believe in keeping our employees safe and providing them with important information on environmental dangers – like heat stroke and frostbite – and occupational dangers – like ariel lifts. Additionally, we maintain OSHA and EPA standards and provide training for driver safety and other related topics.

We are courteous.

We value your time and that’s why we always call 30 minutes before we arrive at your property. We know waiting all day for a technician can be frustrating, we do our best to minimize any inconvenience and be conscientious of your time.

We treat everyone like family.

There is nothing better than a clear explanation and an honest appraisal- we know that to be true for ourselves and we extend the same treatment to our customers. We pride ourselves on being transparent and clear about the issue, the solution and the cost to fix it. We will explain what went wrong, the name(s) of any needed parts, how they work, and answer any additional questions you may have.

When you put your trust in Charlotte Mechanical, that means you are trusting all of us. From the founders of our company to our technicians who do the daily work. And we know that. That’s why we place such high value on our employees, training them well and creating a culture of courtesy and respect for our customers. We believe this exceptional service sets us apart from our competitors.

If you are ready to experience the best in both customer and mechanical service, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Call us at 704-771-1020 or visit us online today to schedule an appointment. 


Don’t Be Afraid of Your AC: Three Things You Need to Know

Charlotte Mechanical Air Conditioning Inspection

Spring is in the air. Summer is close behind. And with summer comes one warm promise – high, hot, sticky temperatures. The change in the Charlotte weather has us all reaching for our summer wardrobe and setting our sights on vacation.

With those warmer temperatures come greater demands on your HVAC system. At Charlotte Mechanical, we hear a lot of good questions about “the first AC system run” of summer – and the question is often asked with trepidation.

The thought of shifting that switch to cool strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Well, we’re here for you; and we’re dispelling the fear and the myths with three simple tips you need to know about turning on your AC this season.

Your system is made to turn on… and off.

Reality: Turning your AC on after a long winter of being off will not damage the unit. Believe it or not, this is a common worry among our clients. Just like the air conditioner in your car, your home’s air conditioner is built to turn on and off frequently in response to the change in indoor temperature. Now, you may hear others say they need to be there to turn your system on the first time, but that simply isn’t true. Truth is, there is only one way to turn on your system and you can do it yourself. Of course, if you want one of our technicians there to support, we are more than happy to oblige.

Your system is safe.

We like to remind our customers that HVAC manufacturers install several different safeties on their air conditioners. These mechanisms are there to ensure the safety of the home and the proper functionality of the equipment. In addition, any reputable heating and cooling company, like Charlotte Mechanical, installs additional safeties to provide further protection for your home. Unsure of the safeties in place on your equipment? Give us a call; we’re happy to explain all of the safety features on your system.

Your filter is key.

The best way a homeowner can support the efficient functioning of their air conditioner is through the regularly checking and changing the air filter. Regular maintenance of the filter keeps your system running efficiently, safely and cleanly. At Charlotte Mechanical we include a free 4” media filter cabinet and filter with every installation of new equipment. Media filters are reasonably priced and provide great indoor air quality (IAQ). Air filters have the greatest impact on the quality of the air you are breathing inside your home. If you have questions about your filter, how to change it, or if you are interested in upgrading to a media filter cabinet, give us a call to set up an appointment today.

With these tips in mind, we hope you feel confident turning on your air conditioner this summer. Remember, your system is made to turn on and off, is built with safety in mind and needs a clean filter to run efficiently.

When in doubt, give us a call at 704-771-1020. You can trust our knowledgeable team; they’re ready, willing, able, and eager to assist and support you with any questions you may have about your first AC run of the season.