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Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

Charlotte Mechanical heating and air is an Angie's List 2015 Super Service Award Winner!Winning an Angie’s List Super Service Award is a big deal. Only 5% of all companies nationwide are worthy of the honor. The award honors companies that have given outstanding service according to their members.

Charlotte Mechanical has won this award for four consecutive years (2012-2015). In 2015, the criteria for the award included maintaining an A average on both the reviews for 2015 as well as on overall reviews, and not being in poor standing with the Better Business Bureau.

No one has more positive reviews from paying customers. With almost 400 Angie’s List reviews, an A rating and multiple Super Service Awards, it’s clear to see why Charlotte Mechanical is the most referred and preferred heating, cooling and plumbing company. Check out some of our Angie’s List reviews, as well as some customer testimonials, below!

Laura – Customer Testimonial

“I could not be happier with my new HVAC unit! And it has come in handy so much during the last week with our inconsistent southern weather! I notice an immediate difference when the fan comes on, and having a thermostat for the upstairs and downstairs has been huge. My upstairs was always hotter than the downstairs and I could never seem to find a perfect temperature for the whole house, and now it’s perfect no matter where I am. My dogs have loved it too, since now they aren’t freezing downstairs and panting upstairs! The unit itself is perfect, and I can’t say enough about the installation. Everything was scheduled in a very timely manner, and my HVAC unit and water heater were installed on the same day, making it very easy for my work schedule. Every single person that I came into contact with in person or on the phone was amazing to work with and incredibly friendly. The entire experience was such a pleasure, and I can’t say thank you enough to the entire team at Charlotte Mechanical! They are the epitome of knowledgeable, professional, cordial, and charitable!”

Duffell Customer Testimonial

“I am writing to let your company know how impressed I am with the recent work performed at my home. I wanted to acknowledge the work of Jimmy and Brian with the installation of my new Trane HVAC system. These guys are the best. They are the standard every other company should be judged by. Not only did they perform the WORK but they did the JOB. They took time to answer any questions I had without letting it slow down the pace of the work and explained in detail exactly how they intended to handle the job. They impressed me with their knowledge and skills. They were very careful working around and inside my home and made sure, before they left, that they cleaned up after themselves. Scott deserves praise too for the way he explained exactly what to expect when Jimmy and Brian arrived and his preview of the job site I’m sure helped to prep them for the work needed. Lastly, I want to say a special “Thanks” to Will Turner. I reviewed 7 different companies before deciding who would do this work for us and it was because of Will’s skills and knowledge as a salesman for your company I chose Charlotte Mechanical. I felt comfortable dealing with Will and believed in his commitment to delivering on his word. He should be commended as a great representative of your company. Thank all of them for me for a job VERY well done.”

Bickett Customer Testimonial

“Mr. McLaughlin, I know from being in business for myself, often when you get calls from customers it’s because they want to complain about something or argue that the invoice is too high. I wanted to write to you today to express my thanks for a job well done, extremely well done.

I have used Charlotte Mechanical twice in the past for a couple of plumbing issues both in my own home and a rental property I own. In both of those cases the service was fantastic, and the technician, Adam, represented your company in such a positive way.

I have to be honest…I thought that just by luck I got the best tech they have in both cases. Recently I found that was not the case.

My mother is in poor health, 87 years old, lives alone with a care giver during the day, and has had oil heat in her home for the past 35 plus years. She has used a local Heating and Air company to service the furnace and AC for much of that time and even has a service contract. To be fair that company has been very good to her over the years and has advised her that one day the unit would need to be replaced with a Heat Pump system. At my mothers age she has never like the feel of a Heat Pump when she visits her children and grandchildren, she can’t “feel” the warm air.

Last week the firm that was keeping up her furnace found that the blower unit needed to be replaced, they felt it would be better to shut the system down for safety. This was on a Thursday. They told her they would call her Friday and let her know what they had found on the replacement parts but they were not too hopeful on what they might find. No call on Friday at all. I put a portable heater in her bedroom, and we used the gas logs in the fireplace all weekend. It just so happen it was our first cold week end of the winter.

Still no call on Monday. Mom called the company on Monday afternoon and they told her they were still working on it but had not had any luck and they would call her on Tuesday. On Tuesday they did call and she asked them to call me which they did. They explained very clearly that they were still trying to find a part, the tech was very polite but told me that he had been on something like 40 service calls himself. That told me that my mom was not the priority here.

I hung up and called your company around 1 PM on Tuesday, not knowing for sure if your company even worked on Oil Furnaces in private homes. I was told that your company did not do a lot with oil furnaces, but you could send out a tech to see what was going on.

Within 15 minutes I received a call from the tech saying he would be at the home between 4 and 6 PM that afternoon. He arrived dead on 4 PM with a comfort advisor that could asses our options should the unit be unserviceable .

I have to say at that point I was impressed but also in the back of my head I thought well the Comfort Advisor is here to sell my mom a new Heat Pump. The Tech jumped on the problem and instead of just looking at the blower he removed it and told me he would take the unit with him and see if he could find a way to repair it. The Advisor took measurements and checked out the AC compressor and took a bunch of notes. Off they went, very polite and courteous beyond belief. Still no call from her regular service company.

Wednesday morning, 9 AM, I received a call telling me that the part was no longer manufactured. Will told me about an oil furnace they had located, brand new, perhaps 90 miles from our home and quoted a very fair price, we did not have to buy a new compressor or replacement duct work and we could get my mom a new furnace that she would be very comfortable with. I told him to get it moving, even offered to go pick it up myself but your folks would not even consider letting me do that.

On Thursday morning at 8:30 AM it looked like a Charlotte Mechanical convention in my back yard with 3 of your service vans in the back yard. I know I have rambled but to sum it up, these guys worked like a team I had never seen. Everyone from the Comfort Advisor, the guys that brought the unit out, the tech’s were a team.

So my absolute most heartfelt thanks go out to your company and the employees I had the privilege to work with, Will, Robbie, Jake, Juan ,and Jose. And to think that I thought Adam, the first tech that I worked with, was the only great employee your company had, oh I was wrong. All of these men represented your company in a way you should be proud of. Be sure to pass my thanks on to them, they made my mom a very happy mom.

Oh by the way, I still have not heard back from the other company and I did give them the option to quote me a replacement.”

Cremisi Customer Testimonial

“The gentleman who came for the service call performed the service but in response to my request actually showed me how to clean the shower drain, then stepped aside at my request so I could do one myself.  He then inspected my work and gave me a thumbs up.  He answered all of my detailed questions as to how long the hot water heater may last, etc.”

Tashie Customer Testimonial

“Adam showed up right on time and was very polite and businesslike.  He completed each task I gave him in a pleasant manner and charged me nothing for the few parts he’d used.  I will definitely use this firm again for my plumbing needs.”

Howie Customer Testimonial

“They came out and they were excellent.  What made it so much was that the toilet kept making a noise.  He came back around 8 or 9pm at night.  He said it was fine and that if I needed anything to call him. I plan on calling them again and I will use them regularly.  I was totally pleased with them.”

Marcial Customer Testimonial

“Went very well the service man (Jacob) was very informative and knowledgable with the workings of my system. He came in checked the system both inside and out. Made recommendations and completed his work.”

Taylor Customer Testimonial

“The serviceman waited for me because I was about 10 minutes late arriving home for the appointment.  He did the work without any problem and answered several of my questions about water heater operation.  Very pleasant service experience.”

Elmes Customer Testimonial

I appreciated the call confirming my appointment.  John Westbrook, your company representative, arrived on time and presented his business card when I answered the door.  He was efficient and thorough with his inspection of my air conditioning unit.  Before he left, he offered some suggestions on how I could improve the efficiency of my unit by installing an attic tent.  I am strongly considering this option.  He also reminded me that Charlotte Mechanical offers plumbing services.

Sigmon Customer Testimonial

“ If you’re looking for someone who you can trust for all of your heating and air conditioning needs, Steve McLaughlin and Charlotte Mechanical is who you need to contact.”