Giving Back to the Community is a Charlotte Mechanical Team Effort

The Charlotte Mechanical team handed out breakfast and restocked merchandise at Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, NC

John Rockefeller Jr. once said, “Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege.”

Here at Charlotte Mechanical, the privilege of giving back to our community is one of the main pillars that makes up who we are as a company.

We are the First Community-Driven HVAC Company in Charlotte. Our crews and teams are involved in community events and programs all year long, including handing out breakfast to clients waiting in line at Crisis Assistance Ministry and restocking merchandise in the free store.

“We love Crisis Assistance Ministry because of how they help people directly and it’s so exciting that we can get our team out here to participate and just be a part of that,” said Charlotte Mechanical co-founder Nancy McLaughlin.

The Charlotte Mechanical crew banded together and managed to fill four shopping carts with breakfast items and took them to Crisis Assistance Ministry.

Nancy and her husband Steve McLaughlin, along with 9 other Charlotte Mechanical team members, went into a waiting room area that was filled with mothers, fathers and children, who are in need of emergency help with rent and utilities.

Our team went to each person and handed them fruit, breakfast bars, juice and milk, in hopes of making their morning just a little bit brighter.



“It was awesome,” Steve said.

“They’re very grateful,” Nancy added.

“They are! Everybody just said, ‘Thank you,’ and the smiles, it’s really sweet,” Steve said.

But our Charlotte Mechanical team wasn’t finished helping yet.

After breakfast was served, our crew went to the Crisis Assistance Ministry store and sorted clothes, shoes, blankets and small household items for those in need.

“What’s exciting is that there’s probably another 20 people who wanted to come today but we still have a business, so they have to work to serve our customers,” Steve said.

“We take turns, kind of alternating our team to get out here because everyone is so excited to be able to do something as a team,” Nancy said.

“And that’s exciting for us,” Steve added with a smile.

Charlotte Mechanical supports Crisis Assistance Ministry each quarter with at least one team event where we volunteer to help supply resources and to help build or deliver needed furniture.

Our largest volunteer event of the year is the Charlotte Mechanical Coat Drive, to be held this year on November 16, 2018.

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Ron McCann
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