5 Questions with Plumbers, Calvin and Matthew

February 11, 2021

Our plumbers are some of the best in the business: reliable, friendly and knowledgeable. And that’s not just our opinion; read what past customers have said about this talented team.


They have seen a wide range of issues from very common plumbing problems to the extreme, and best of all, are available 24/7 to address any plumbing issue you are facing.


Who might arrive on your doorstep when you have plumbing woes? Meet two of our outstanding plumbers, Calvin Hollifield (CH) and Matthew Delmage (MD), in this Q&A.


Calvin Hollifield

(Charlotte Mechanical - CM) How long have you been with Charlotte Mechanical and what is your specialty?


(CH) I have been at Charlotte Mechanical since March 2014. I’m a service plumber, which means I perform service calls for the general public, handling all types of plumbing repairs, as well as water heater replacements. I also travel as needed to plumbing jobs that we have in new construction.


(CM) What drew you to the plumbing profession and what is the best part of the job?


(MD) I wanted a hands-on career, so plumbing was perfect. My favorite aspect of the role is the people -- the people I work for and all the customers I get to meet on the jobs I am called to. I also really enjoy the process of solving a [plumbing] problem.   


(CH) I grew up working with my dad, who holds three state licenses for plumbing, so I was inspired by him to pursue the profession. Plus, I picked up the trade quickly, so it seemed like a natural fit. I enjoy the variety -- dealing with different problems and different customers. Each day offers a new problem to solve, and there is constant change (which I like).


(CM)What is your favorite season and why?


(CH) Fall! The weather here can be awesome in the fall -- the days still get warm, but the nights cool off. It’s a welcome break from the long, hot summer days. Plus, fall means it’s time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


(MD) I like summertime because it means I get to take care of my yard and spend lots of nights over the BBQ.        

Matthew Delmage


(CM) What is your favorite activity around Charlotte?


(CH) Going to movies and restaurants with my wife of 31 years with friends from church. 


(CM) Provide a fun fact about yourself.


(MD) I have a great sense of humor – just ask my coworkers … they are always laughing when we are all together.      


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