Cozy Up with These 4 Warm Home Décor Ideas

September 29, 2020

The cooler nighttime temperatures probably have you thinking about turning on the heat (don't forget about our preseason special). We can of course talk to you all day long about heating your home. But, are you looking around your home wondering how else you can cozy up your space? Maybe you're reaching for that same ole blanket or digging in the garage for your fall decorations but still feeling a bit bored with what you have on hand. For some inspiration, we asked local expert, Beth Barden of designPOST interiors, how she would add some warmth with home décor without breaking the bank.

Here's what she had to say ...

It's always exciting to welcome in fall after the hot summer months, and what better time to freshen up your décor than during a change in seasons.  Here are our foolproof tips to cozy up your home. 

Tip 1: Pop with Color

When the temperatures drop, warm up your color palette! Reflect the beautiful colors you see outside by adding in rust, tan, gold, and deep greens. Maybe it's through a few new throw pillows or some new accessories on your shelves.


Tip 2: Layers Aren't Just for Clothes

Just as we add layers to our outfits to combat the cold, we should also bring in new layers to our homes. Add a textured blanket over the end of your bed and stash a few cozy throw blankets in a basket. 

Tip 3: Bring the Outdoors In

We love indoor plants all year round, but we like to keep things in line with the season.  For the colder months, we prefer to spotlight the beauty of bare branches or dried flowers by trimming a few (even from your own yard!) and letting them be a simple centerpiece.   

Tip 4: Let it Glow

With the sun setting earlier, the indoors can feel darker too.  Now is a great time to add in more ambient lighting.  Sconces flanking your bed or table lamps on a console bring an inviting glow.

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Photos: Credit designPOST interiors

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