“Everything We do Revolves Around Our Customers!”: A Q&A with Britni Honeycutt, Installation Coordinator

September 5, 2019

For over 20 years, Charlotte Mechanical has served the Charlotte community as the area’s simplified source for heating, cooling and plumbing. As much as that is driven by our operations, processes, and technology, that sincere commitment to world-class service is driven by people - yes, you, our customers; and also our team - the special people who make our customers their top priority.

And it’s time to meet one of those team members who makes superior service happen.

Meet Britni Honeycutt, Installation Coordinator.

We might be a tad bit biased, but Britni is a good person to know - she’s responsible for setting up new installs for the consumer division, pulling permits, scheduling inspections, submitting rebates, reviewing consumer time and invoicing. And she’s been making all that happen for Charlotte Mechanical for six years.

Charlotte Mechanical (CM): In just three words, how do you describe Charlotte Mechanical?

Britni Honeycutt (BH): Professional, honest, and personable.

CM: What’s Charlotte Mechanical’s service philosophy?

BH: Our commitment is to be the premier home air, heating and plumbing service provider in the Greater Charlotte area by providing customer satisfaction through our quality installations and service.

CM: How does that philosophy play out on a daily basis?

BH: Everything we do revolves around our customers! On a daily basis, we are available from 7:30 am – 11:00 pm to make sure our customers’ needs and concerns are met.

CM: What’s your go-to, favorite customer service story?

BH: A few years ago, the Greater Charlotte area experienced a snowstorm. An elderly couple called us - they had no heat. Our team’s vehicles were snowed in, so the president of our company drove over to pick up the on-call technician to get the couple’s heat working again on an extremely cold and snowy day. I think that speaks volumes as to the kind of traits Charlotte Mechanical embodies.

CM: What’s the guarantee from Charlotte Mechanical when a customer calls with a question, problem, or need?

BH: We strive to always be courteous, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the services we are offering.

CM: What’s the best feeling in the world as a customer service representative?

BH: There’s no greater feeling than being able to help a customer who has called us with a problem, talk them through a situation, and get help dispatched to them as quickly as possible.

CM: What do you love about working for Charlotte Mechanical?

BH: I love the work culture at Charlotte Mechanical; I’ve never worked at a place I felt more at home.

CM: If you could tell the world one fun fact about Charlotte Mechanical or the Charlotte Mechanical team, what would that be?

BH: Charlotte Mechanical recently had their annual Carowinds Family Fun Day. It’s great to be able to come together as a team and see how each other’s families have grown over the years. We have such a wonderful time every year!

Getting in touch with our team is easy; just hit that contact us button. And don’t forget to check out pictures from our most recent Family Fun Day via our Facebook page or via Instagram.

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