Five Reasons You Need a Maintenance Plan

June 26, 2019

Chances are you’ve already switched on your air conditioner this spring; and, chances are, you did so with mild apprehension. We hear it all the time, the nervousness of switching over to A/C after months of not using it. There is no magic before you can turn on your A/C; nevertheless, many people are nervous.

At Charlotte Mechanical we have a simple answer to these seasonal worries: the Simplified Service Plan or SSP. The SSP is a preventative air conditioning maintenance program that provides you with a very detailed report of the current condition of your HVAC equipment. (Learn about all our cooling services here.)

As you know, these systems contain many small, reasonably priced parts that control larger and vastly more expensive parts. A preventative maintenance plan can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by identifying problems early, preventing breakdown and minimizing inconveniences.

If you’re still unsure about the value of a maintenance plan, consider these five reasons.

Peace of mind. When those Charlotte temps start to creep up this summer, rest easy knowing your system has been serviced and checked by a Charlotte Mechanical HVAC professional.

Forewarning. With the SSP, homeowners are given a forewarning of possible issues that may exist with your equipment. Though it may be functioning fine at the moment, knowing a repair is needed within the next year can help a lot with budgeting.

Responsibility. If conducted regularly, these maintenance checks can identify small failings in your system which are often inexpensive to mend. If left unchecked, small failings can lead to system malfunctions and compensations which often lead to much more extensive and expensive repairs.

Air quality. Not all maintenance plans are created equally. Unlike most companies, at Charlotte Mechanical we clean both the evaporator (indoor) coil and the condenser (outdoor) coil. While others may not find it important, we know that the dust and allergens which make the air filter dirty also make the blower motor/wheel and evaporator coil dirty. Not cleaning these elements can sacrifice the air quality in your home.

Efficiency. A clean system means efficiency. Dirt on the coils, wheels and in your filter causes the efficiency of your system to drop. While this may be negligible on a month to month basis, over the course of a few years it wreaks havoc on your energy bill.

We strongly believe that our SSP will pay for itself in the reduction of repairs and add longevity to your HVAC system. Additionally, we pride ourselves in offering customized solutions for each and every customer we have. If you are interested in learning more about the extensive services included in the maintenance plan or to make an appointment to get started, click that Contact Us button in the top right corner.

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