Like Father, Like Son: Charlotte Mechanical Employees Jerman & German Aguirre

June 16, 2019

Jerman Aguirre has been with Charlotte Mechanical since 2005 – in fact, he was the first employee in the field with the company. Today, he works as General Field Supervisor.

In this special Q&A for Father’s Day, we celebrate Jerman’s experience with and passion for Charlotte Mechanical. Because it’s that experience and passion that inspired his oldest child, German, to join the Charlotte Mechanical family, too.  

Charlotte Mechanical (CM): You’ve been with Charlotte Mechanical for 15 years this month. How has Charlotte Mechanical grown in your eyes?

Jerman Aguirre (JA): I think the main reason why this company has grown so fast is because of the people – it’s this team that makes the difference.

CM: What do you love about coming to work here every day?

JA: First – I love what I do. I come here every day ready to make it the best. A lot of that has to do with the people I see here. At Charlotte Mechanical, you’re part of the family which is another reason why I love coming to work.

CM: So, German, for those who don’t know, how long have you been with Charlotte Mechanical?

German Aguirre (GA): I started here right around five years ago. As soon as I graduated from high school, I started working.

CM: What was interesting and appealing for you about Charlotte Mechanical?

GA: Part of it was being with my dad obviously; I would just naturally pick up knowledge from him before I started working here.  He would teach me things, and I would help him out. I would pick things up from him, and that’s how I started to get good at it.

CM: What do you love about Charlotte Mechanical?

GA: They’re good people. They take care of you. If I have questions, if I have doubts, I can always look up to them – including my dad – and they’re more than welcome to help me out.

CM: So, what’s great about working with your dad?

GA: The great part is, well, just being with him and learning things from him. He teaches me in a way that I understand well.

JA: I told [my son] early on: “Whatever you learn is going to be for you, and I’m here to teach you what I know.” So, it was his call if he wants to learn or not. And he wants to know what I know.

CM: So, as his father, what’s your hope for German in the future?

JA: Well, my hope for him in the future is that he goes to school and graduates; or he continues to get involved here in this industry and learns how to manage people. I’d like to see him in that position one day with his degree.

Happy Father’s Day!

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