Six Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Home this Spring that Might Be New to You

March 7, 2022

That’s right; spring has sprung. We don’t know about you, but we love spring in Charlotte, N.C. The flourishing flowers … the wonderful weather … the sunny smiles on faces. Of course, it’s wonderful to be out and about, but even when you’re tucked in at home, you can still bring the essence of spring indoors (and of course tackle some spring cleaning too!). We did some digging to cut through the same ‘ole ideas that you’ve likely already tried to curate this list of six.

Safety first

Before we hop into the fun, let’s chat safety. Daylight savings and springtime are often the seasonal reminders for homeowners to check their smoke detectors. So, yes, absolutely test all the detectors in your home and change out any batteries as needed.  

While you’re at it though, don’t forget to also check your carbon monoxide detectors. We recommend having two of different brands just in case there is a malfunction with one. And then look at your fire extinguishers for expiration dates. Still valid? How about the pressure gauge? It should be in the “green” range. These life-saving seasonal maintenance tasks often get forgotten, but only take a few minutes.

Color: you don’t have to pick just one

Paint is always a suggested spruce-up tip, and many homeowners give their kitchens a new “face” by painting the cabinets. But have you ever thought about two-tone cabinets? Good Housekeeping suggests painting just the lower cabinets a bold (spring-y) color and keeping the rest neutral.

If you’re not ready for that commitment, several designers propose painting your ceiling. Or if you want an even smaller project, you could paint your dining room chairs a light and bright color – or multiple colors, like a mix of pastels or brights – to bring the beautiful brightness of spring to family meals.

Bring the outside in

Speaking of bringing the outside in … sure; almost every spring décor article mentions adorning your home with vases of flowers. The twist? Good Housekeeping offers the brilliant suggestion of plant-covered shelves. Hang shelves on a blank wall in a similar color; find color-coordinated planters; place artificial plants inside and voila; a wall of flowers!

Add a breath of fresh air

Switching gears ever so slightly to spring cleaning, let’s talk linens. House Beautiful says we should shake out throw blankets, pillowcases, sofa cushions, sheets, and coverlets. Perhaps this is a part of your normal routine. Have you thought about adding a breath of fresh air by incorporating a scented spray though? They suggest Parachute's Linen Mist. Vogue mentions even buying a bag of lavender or lavender water to put in your iron to “get your linens smelling really lovely.”

Speaking of scents, many experts recommend selecting light, refreshing scented candles and soaps in your home to infuse the spring essence in your home. A clean citrus definitely says spring.

On a related note, House Beautiful reminds us now is a great time to clean your rugs!

Protect your essentials: air + water

One of the keys to truly enjoying your home in the spring is to ensure you can cool yourself and your family when that Charlotte sun starts to heat things up. One of the most important steps you can take during the spring is to have your air conditioning (A/C) system inspected. Having your A/C system inspected will help keep your energy bills down and avoid pricey repairs. Schedule your 11-point preseason inspection with us for just $79 per unit from March 1 through April 30.

Don’t forget about your other home essential: water. Now is also an opportune time to check your plumbing – inside and out (e.g., your spigot where you hook your garden house) – for leaks.

If you want to go high tech for checking water leaks, we can install the Moen Flo. It’s a Bluetooth water main shutdown; it detects a water leak, so if you’re not around, it can turn off your water for you.

Pop your patio

If you have an outdoor area, such as a patio, deck, sunroom, etc., you can really amp up the spring vibe. Choose your favorite spring “pops” of color and spring patterns. Incorporate those via pillows and outdoor rugs. Keep the vibe going with a fun doormat and hang a beautiful spring wreath too. Tried all these already? Here’s the DIY project you probably haven’t tried: a do-it-yourself outdoor rug, courtesy of Design Improvised, beaming with colors. Another off-the-beaten-path tip is to hang outdoor curtains.

No outdoor space? No problem. Pop the inside with yellow accents throughout to brighten up your indoors. “Try adding a lemon-yellow lamp or stool, or a table in glass or clear Lucite — just one fresh item can really wake up your home,” as a Houzz contributor explains.

Ready for more?

If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up further and dive into more spring cleaning, check out our list of 10 spring-cleaning hacks. Or, if you have children eager to be your helpers, try our four HVAC/plumbing lessons, perfect for prepping your home for the spring and summer.

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