Six Plumbing Myths to Flush

August 9, 2021

Old wives’ tales, falsehoods, myths … whatever you want to call them there are so many that it’s hard to know what is true and what is false. Even the internet can’t necessarily be the end-all, be-all as there is plenty of misinformation out there. So, to save you money, time and headaches, our plumbing experts are busting some plumbing myths that you should flush completely out of your mind. Whatever you do, do NOT do the tasks noted as myths below.

Myth #1: The D Word Fixes All Plumbing Woes

I can use a chemical drain-cleaning product (like the famous one that starts with a “d”) any time I have a clog.

Truth: Not only are chemical drain cleaning products potentially harmful if you breathe their fumes or splash your skin or eyes, they can also do a real number on your home’s plumbing over time. So, what’s a savvy homeowner to do instead? Invest in an inexpensive drain weasel from your local hardware store or Amazon. These thin, flexible tools are easy to use and can help quickly clear even the most stubborn stops to get your drain flowing freely. Still not working? Give us a call.

Myth #2: Plunging a Clog No Matter What

Half Myth / Half Truth: You can use a plunger to clear a clogged sink BUT NOT IF you’ve poured drain cleaners into the sink. Do not use a plunger on a clogged sink if you’ve poured drain cleaner down the drain because the chemicals can cause serious burns as they’re pushed back up through the sink by the plunger.

Myth #3: Lemon Peels in the Disposal

It’s a good idea to clean and deodorize my garbage disposal with lemon peels.

Truth: Dropping lemon peels down into your garbage disposal causes corrosion due to the citric acid in the fruit.

Myth #4: A Brick in the Toilet Tank

It’s smart to put a brick in my toilet tank to save water.

Truth: Some people think putting a brick in your toilet tank forces the toilet to use less water when flushed. But the brick can disintegrate over time causing issues with your toilet’s flapper and other parts. Also, a brick can displace too much water causing you to flush more.

Myth #5: Boiling Water to Break Up Grease

Pouring boiling water down my pipes can remove a buildup of grease.

Truth: Hot grease can build up on the inside of your pipes and the grease is a magnet for food bits, lint and hair, eventually clogging the pipe. And those clogs are so far away you can’t reach them with a household snake. It seems like boiling water would be able to melt the grease inside pipes, but it has the opposite effect and instead hardens the grease making it more difficult to remove. It’s best to wipe the grease out of your frying pans and throw it in the garbage can.

Myth #6: Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink Down the Disposal

Anything can go into my garbage disposal as long as I run the water at the same time.

Truth: Some items of food, such as celery, banana and potato peels can become stringy. Unfortunately, they can wind around the blades causing a malfunction. In short, BE CAREFUL what you toss in the disposal.

If you’ve already done of these actions (oops!) and caused a plumbing issue, contact us and we’ll see how we can help!

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