Three Tips to Pet-proof Your HVAC System

March 7, 2019

When introducing a pet into your home there are many things to think about, from not allowing them to get into the garbage, to training them to go to the bathroom outside. One part of the house many forget to protect, their central heating and cooling system.

Below, you’ll find key steps to take to ensure your system and pets won’t have any problem living together.

Wrap wiring

Your playful puppy might think that the wires hanging from your unit are toys to be chewed on. One wrong chew could ruin the wiring or harm your pet. Fixing wiring could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and harm to the pet.

To protect your unit, wrap wiring in metal conduit tubing. This tubing will prevent your puppy from chewing through and save you money and your pets life.

Clean the filters

All dogs shed, some more than others but it doesn’t take much fur to enter your HVAC system’s vents and affect air quality. Blockages can cut your unit’s performance and even cause damage long-term. Regularly clean around vents to prevent hair buildup and change your air filters regularly so hair doesn’t prevent air from flowing freely.

Charlotte Mechanical explains how to keep your HVAC system safe from your pets.

Fence it in

Dogs love to leave their mark. Unfortunately, that means your HVAC system might be a target. Urine can eat away at grates and corrode aluminum fins and other lines, damaging those and other parts of your HVAC system. You can install a small fence to deter your dog. When adding a fence or box, remember to leave enough ventilation.

Keeping these tips in mind can save you money and the hassle of replacing anything that your loving dog did.

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