Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Critical for Hot Charlotte Summers!

Our basic air conditioning maintenance plans begin as low as $17.42/month! We’re available 24/7 with no additional charges for nights and weekends, and we service all makes and models!

The Charlotte Mechanical Simplified Service Plan (SSP) is an optional preventive air conditioning maintenance program. Our expert air conditioning technicians clean, inspect and tune-up your HVAC system to make sure it is in proper working order for our hot Charlotte summers. Members receive preferential scheduling and a 10% discount on repairs for service calls beyond the regularly scheduled maintenance.

We strongly believe that our SSP will pay for itself in the reduction of air conditioning repairs and add longevity to your air conditioning system – helping you put off new air conditioning installations. The annual fee for your air conditioning service agreement helps you nail down one of the future costs of owning a home:  your energy bill. Regular air conditioning system maintenance can extend the life of 
your equipment up to 30%.

Simplified Service Plan

You deserve priority emergency service. For just $209 a year ($17.42 per month for HVAC, one system), jump to the front of the line when you need repairs! Receive replacement discounts, extra referral bonuses that non-members can’t get and keep your air conditioning and heating systems healthy year round!

SSP Members Receive…

  • Better performance of your system
  • 10% discount on parts and labor for all repairs
  • One annual precision tune-ups and cleanings on HVAC systems
  • Priority emergency service, 24 hours a day, seven days per week

Great New Benefits!

  • Complimentary filter change (filter supplied by customer)
  • $59 diagnostic rate for any service call outside of one annual visit
  • $100 credit toward the purchase of a new system for each consecutive year that you are an SSP Member
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Services

Thermostat calibration: Your thermostat is the main sensory organ of your comfort system. Cleaning and then checking your thermostat’s accuracy against our state-of-the-art instruments will help ensure maximum 
comfort and minimum energy usage.

HVAC system delta/T: Accurately measuring the temperature change of the air as it passes through your home’s comfort system allows us to monitor your unit’s performance. Once we acquire all the necessary measurements we can determine if it is operating at the optimum levels for your comfort.

Filter changes: A clean filter reduces the cost of operation and extends the life of your air conditioning system while helping 
to reduce the possibility of unexpected breakdowns and repairs (filter cost additional).

Lubricating fan motors: Lubricating motors and checking for bearing wear and shaft end-play help to extend your air conditioning system’s life and prevent unexpected break-downs.

Tighten electrical connections: Cleaning and tightening of the electrical connections within your air conditioning system helps eliminate one of the major causes of unexpected system breakdowns and premature component failure.

Checking safety and operational controls: Having one of our “Nationally Certified Technicians” evaluate your system’s safety and operational controls; including, but not limited to, the defrost control board, contacts, internal thermostats, thermal couplings, relays and inducer motors. Early detection of malfunctions or fatigue in these components can eliminate unexpected break-downs and give maximum comfort and protection for you and your property.

Refrigerant charge: Maintaining the proper refrigerant level will maximize your air conditioning system’s life, performance, your comfort and reduce the possibility of mildew and mold growth. Our expert technicians will check the system for proper refrigerant levels.

Condensate drain: Cleaning and checking your condensate drain system, including the drain line and the condensate pump, helps protect your health and protects your property from water damage and possible mold-mildew issues.

Inspecting indoor and outdoor coils: Inspecting the coils and cleaning them will reduce the system energy consumption and extend the equipment life by 30% or more. Longer life means lower cost of home ownership. Cleaning of the Evaporator Coil is not included in the SSP, however, we do provide the service and the 10% discount is applicable to your air conditioning cleaning service.

Ron McCann
More Reviews

“Jeff Crane and his crew with Charlotte Mechanical recently replaced our old heat pump with a new Amana system.  Everyone on this project was extremely professional and the quality of their installation was most excellent.  Even the county inspector made a comment on the “very nice job” that Jeff and his crew had performed.  I highly recommend Charlotte Mechanical.”

System Referrals

Current customers that refer a friend, who then purchases one of our air conditioning, heating, or tankless water heater systems will receive a $50 gift card going toward their future heating, cooling or plumbing needs.

SSP Referrals

Simplified Service Plan customers who tell a friend about our agreement and that friend enrolls in the program will receive $20 off of their next heating/cooling or plumbing SSP contract. *Limit 1 per customer per year.

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