Three Common Questions About HVAC Maintenance

February 24, 2022

Getting an oil change for your car, raking leaves off your lawn and cleaning the grime out of your shower. These “maintenance tasks” likely don’t top your list of chores you’re raring to complete, but you know how vital each is in making sure your large investments - vehicle and home - last a long time. And, you know the dreadful consequences if you don’t regularly perform those tasks. So remember, just like your automobile and home, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep it in good working order. Why, when and how much is HVAC maintenance? Let’s dive into those questions.

How often should you service an HVAC system? 

An HVAC system should be serviced once per year, at a minimum. We recommend twice per year: once for heating and once for cooling.

You can sign up for our Simplified Service Plan (SSP), which regularly keeps your equipment, house, and ultimately, your air, clean. We recommend you sign up for our SSP (two visits per year) for $250 per year for one system and $150 for each additional system, or a monthly payment as low as $20.83.

Do HVAC systems need to be serviced?

Yes; HVAC systems need to be serviced. Of course, if your system isn’t working, you might need a repair. If that’s the case, make sure you ask these questions when scheduling your heating repair appointment.

But, even if your system is running as it should be, a mechanical problem can always arise – even if you've done everything you're supposed to do. So, to ensure long term operating reliability and energy economy, your best move is to schedule an annual maintenance check with a local HVAC expert. They will inspect your system to make sure it's actually fine and running smoothly. They'll identify the beginning of long term mechanical problems, nip them in the bud, and ensure you get a lot of years from your system. Even better, maintenance checks will prevent efficiency decreases due to wear, tear and particulate build up.Think about how often you dust around your house. Guess what?! That same air and dust you removed from tables and surfaces is in your air handler! So, the equipment needs cleaning.

At Charlotte Mechanical we can make it even simpler for you with our Simplified Service Plan or SSP. The SSP is a preventative HVAC maintenance program that provides you with a very detailed report of the current condition of your HVAC equipment.

What is the average price for an HVAC service call?

The average price range for a service call should be between $300-$1800, depending on the severity of the situation. 

And we can’t say it enough, having maintenance performed on your HVAC unit greatly reduces the chances of a large service bill because qualified technicians will catch small problems before they become large problems.

Maintenance plans should range between $200-400 per system, but every company performs different tasks during these plans. Pro tip: make sure both coils are getting cleaned at some point throughout the year.

Contact us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment.

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