Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is about more than just extending your unit’s service-life, it impacts your safety.

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Gas furnaces and heat pumps are vastly different, and each require different and specific attention. Keep in mind: a gas furnace has some very important parts that should be inspected and tested yearly for your safety. You can have us do a one-time maintenance call, or even better, you can sign up for our Simplified Service Plan (SSP), which regularly keeps your equipment clean, and your house and family safe.

No Skipped Steps: Safety First!

We are extremely thorough in all our work; our check and double-check process is of utmost importance when inspecting a heat exchanger in a gas furnace, for example. We look for small holes or cracks where carbon monoxide could leak out. If carbon monoxide, which is odorless and not visible by eye, leaks out, it could be fatal.

Your Home is Important to Us

In short, we like to keep your home clean while we clean. That means we treat your home as if it were our own and are professional in every way. We wear high-end dual layer waterproof rubberized shoes covers to ensure we don’t make a mess on your floor.  We clean up after ourselves and are mindful of where we put our supplies and equipment. You’ll barely notice we’re there!

Rheem products are the best around and among the most affordable. And Charlotte Mechanical is proud to be a Rheem Pro Partner. This means that we’re committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction and training. That’s because not every dealer qualifies as a Rheem Pro Partner -- only those that meet Rheem's stringent standards. Call us today so we can show you how Rheem and Charlotte Mechanical make the perfect team!


Kris did a great job of checking my entire furnace and took videos to show me areas of concern. He spent time explaining what could happen over time and how we needed to monitor my system to avoid any major failures. He was on time (early), enthusiastic and was certainly an expert in furnace care. I very highly recommend him and Charlotte Mechanical who installed and maintained my HVAC system for almost 10 years!

Catherine R.


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Our heating maintenance services through our Simplified Service Plan (SSP) are the best way to keep your heater fully functional and your home warm and cozy. This preventive maintenance program includes cleaning, inspection and tune-ups on your heating and air conditioning system by one of our licensed heating technicians.

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